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Welcome to the Home Office of the Connected International Meeting Professionals Association (CIMPA).

CIMPA is unlike most meeting planning organizations. Our mission is simple: To connect people through meetings and travel.

In this association, distance is irrelevant and borders are non-existent. Our 3436 members are in 124 countries in 5 continents. Collectively, the planner members of CIMPA plan over 200,000 meetings annually.







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Please note that ohiolink cannot provide support and cannot supply copies of articles for non-ohiolink users. We encourage you to contact your own library with any questions or problems.. cheap viagra india 114 () 11-17 pubmed crossref â  13 + epstein â a. E. , dimarco â j. P. , ellenbogen â k. A.. â et al. â â acc/aha/hrs 2008 guidelines for device-based therapy of cardiac rhythm abnormalities,â j am coll cardiol 2008 51 () e1-e62 pubmed crossref â  14 + lamas â g. A. viagra online cheap , pashos â c. L. , normand â s. T.. buy viagra without prescription â et al. â â permanent pacemaker selection and subsequent survival in elderly medicare pacemaker recipients,â circulation 1995 91 () 1063-1069 pubmed crossref â  figures grahic jump location figure 1 pacemaker use in the united states from 1993 through 2009 the rate of dual-chamber pacemaker implantation (number of implants/100,000 persons) has increased over time until 2001, when use reached a plateau. Biventricular pacemakers, introduced in 2002, have leveled off after their initial introduction, whereas the use of single-chamber atrial pacemakers remains low. viagra online cheap + view largeâ â |â  save figureâ â |â  download slide (. Ppt) â |â  view in article context grahic jump location figure 2 age of pacemaker patients at time of implantation the average age of pacemaker patients has increased slowly over time. Patients with single-ventricular pacemakers are older than those with dual-chamber pacemakers. + view largeâ â |â  save figureâ â |â  download slide (. Ppt) â |â  view in article context grahic jump location figure 3 use of pacemakers in patients paced for sinus node dysfunction the distribution of pacemaker type in patients paced for sinus node dysfunction is similar to that of the group as a whole. + view largeâ â |â  save figureâ â |â  download slide (. 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