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About the CIMP Internet Training course

What do I need beforehand to take this course?

Course Software


Review of Internet Basics

Lesson Objectives

Internet Refresher

Internet Access

Domain Names and Email Addresses

Browser Software Basics

Lesson Objectives

Netscape Navigator

Internet Explorer

Connecting to a URL

Using Bookmarks

Copying Text and Pictures from a Web Page

Internet Search

Search for People

Use this to look for speakers, sales managers of convention bureaus airlines, hotels, and other people you need to work with.

Search for Subject

Use this to look for convention bureaus airlines, hotels, and other suppliers.

Search for Files

Use this to look for websites, forms, tools and other information

Downloading Files

Netscape Navigator Demo

Practice Lessons

Using Internet E-mail

Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Email


Sending Mail

Securing Messages

Sending Mail Broadcasts

Use this to send bulk meeting announcements, invitations, updates and other information you want to disseminate to groups of people. One click does it. Zero cost on postage.

Signature File

Use this to attach brief information on yourself and your organization, telephone / fax numbers, URL and other contact information to every email message you send.

Address Book

Mail Groups

Reading Mail

Organizing Mail Folders

Mail Bombs

Mailbots and the Inbox Assistant

Use this to send an automatic response to common requests for information, for example, schedule of events, registration form, list of speakers, list of attendees and others.

Email by Phone

Fax by Phone

Mailing Lists

List Management Software

Finding a Mailing List to Subscribe To

Starting Your Own Mailing List

Other Things You Can Do With E-mail

Email to Postal Mail

Email to Fax

Free email-to-fax - U.S.

Free email-to-fax - International

Instructor Demo

Practice Lessons


Use this for networking. This is where you meet people, exchange leads, opinions and other useful information. This is how you build communities or participate in one.

Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Newsgroups

Using a Newsgroup Reader

Posting to a newsgroup and setting filters

Reading newsgroup mail offline

Instructor Demo

Practice Lessons

Internet Virtual Meetings with NetMeeting™

Use this to collaborate with your suppliers in real time.

Lesson Objectives

Virtual Meetings and NetMeeting

Major Functions

Multipoint data conferencing

Application Sharing



Binary File Transfer

Internet telephony/audio conferencing

Use this to make free phone calls.

Video conferencing

You can even see the person/s you are talking with.

Working with NetMeeting

Meeting with People

Host your own meeting or join one that is already underway.

Using the Whiteboard

Use this to draw diagrams of meeting room set-ups, sketch the concept for a logo, outline the flow of meeting attendees from the general session room to breakout rooms and others.

Pointing out text or graphics on the Whiteboard

Copying an area of the screen to the Whiteboard

Copying a window to the Whiteboard

Sharing an Application with Others

Sending a file to other participants

Use this to send Calls for Papers, Conference Programs and others.

Example Applications

Customer service


Distance learning and training

Technical support

Practice Lessons

Using Microsoft Fax

Use this to send and receive faxes without the associated costs.

Accessing Microsoft Fax

Sending Fax

Receiving a fax

Creating and Managing Web Forms

Use this to create Registration, Feedback, Suggestion, Survey and other forms. Webform will also add collected data to your database. For example, if one registers for your meeting by completing an online registration form, you can manipulate the data you have collected to produce conference badges, lists of participants by country, state or city at a later time.


Introduction to WebForms

Using Webforms - Summary

Creating a WebForms Form

Other Form Tabs

Creating A Web Presence



CONGRATULATIONS on your smart decision to invest in your future!

Appendix 1 - Basic Browser Exercises

Appendix 2 - Email Exercises

Appendix 3 - NewsGroup Exercises

Appendix 4 - NetMeeting Exercises

Appendix 5 - Internet Functions with Netscape Navigator

Using Bookmarks

Downloading Files

Sending Mail

Address Book

Reading Mail

Using a Newsgroup Reader

Grabbing Email Addresses from a Newsgroup Post

Appendix 6 - The Geocities Homesteading Program

Use this to get a free homepage and free email. It's the quickest and simplest way to get started.

Contents of CD-ROM


This folder contains Adobe's Acrobat Reader 3. Many documents on the Internet are in Acrobat format (PDF format). To read them, you need this program. To install double click on AR32E30.EXE.


This contains two anti-spam software in separate folders:


Bounce Spam Mail lets you send fake bounce messages to spammers to pretend your address is invalid. (Great to fake your way out of spam lists!)


Spam Buster is an e-mail filter tool that specifically attempts to get rid of the junk before the junk gets to your incoming mailbox. Spam Buster can be run before you run your normal e-mail program or it can be set up to run automatically at intervals during the day notifying you of new mail with an alarm.


Contains Acronyms.Doc, small guide to computer acronyms, and Microsoft utility programs to allow MS Word 6.0/95 to read documents created by MS Word 97, and another utility to allow MS Word 97 to write back files readable by MS Word 6.0/95.


Email Reader lets your PC at home read your email to you on the phone while you're away. Pick up your email from anywhere in the world. This is a trial version.


Contains Eudora Light version 3.05. Eudora is a popular email software. Double click on EUL305.EXE to install.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and various multimedia support files. Double click on IE4SETUP.EXE to get started.


Juno lets your friends or business associates in the U.S. who do not have Internet access to communicate with you via email. Double click on JUNOINST.EXE.


Microsoft's NetMeeting version 2.1. Double click on NM21.EXE to install and get started.


Lets you create survey forms, registration forms, and other data entry forms on the Web. Double click on SETUP.EXE to install.


WinZip is the most popular shareware for handling compressed files on the Internet, bulletin board systems, and all other sites. ZIP files consist of one or more files that have been compressed. Compression of text files are typically 90%. Attaching zipped files to your email messages conserves a lot of transfer time because the files are so much smaller. Also zip files allow you to put all related files into one container file.

Double click on WINZIP95.EXE.


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